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Ann’s Life Story

Ann Greene was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 17, 1957, where her parents, Dr. Donald and Mary Lou (Call) Robinson, were medical and nursing students respectively. The family eventually settled in Burlington, Vermont, where Ann spent most of her formative years, along with her younger siblings: Amy, Glenn, Molly, and Sarabeth.

During her youth, Ann was active in her school’s theater and cheerleading programs and spent a summer as a mother’s helper in Switzerland and as an exchange student in Germany. After graduating from Burlington High School in 1975, she attended the University of Vermont where she met two of her lifelong loves: ice cream (while working at the popular campus dairy bar) and Rick Greene (during a summer Abnormal Psychology course).

Rick and Ann were married on June 25, 1978, in an intimate backyard garden ceremony in Huntington, West Virginia. It was there that Rick began his career with IBM and Ann finished her Master’s degree at Ohio State University to become a teacher of the deaf.

When their daughter, Katherine, was born in 1986 in New Jersey, Ann made the decision to stay at home to raise her family, but she never left teaching – continuing to home school her three children during their middle and high school years. Their daughter, Elizabeth, was born in California in 1987 (less than one week before an earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale).

When Rick accepted a new position (further from the fault lines), the family relocated to Connecticut, where they would spend the next 10 years and where their son, Daniel, was born in 1989. It was during those years that Ann pursued her passions of supporting environmental and humanitarian causes and her hobbies of cooking and gardening.

Ann was also a spiritual person who attended church each weekend with her children, but still yearned for the answers to her deeper questions. When Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on her door in 1995 she listened to their message and in time agreed to a home Bible study for herself and for her children, thus growing her relationship with her Creator, Jehovah.

In the years after her baptism on September 23, 2000, Ann was a zealous member of the Eau Gallie, Oviedo, and Bayview congregations in Florida and the Burlington South congregation in Vermont. She loved the ministry and some of her children’s fondest memories are the afternoons and evenings she would drive a minivan filled with young people to participate in the house-to-house and Bible study work.

It was always her goal to serve as a regular pioneer (or full-time minister), one which she reached in 2004 and maintained until her passing. During the last months of her life, Ann never stopped engaging in the volunteer Bible education work and even as her illness progressed, she was elated to learn that she had been invited to attend the Pioneer Service School for a second time in August 2015 in Burlington, Vermont. She was able to do so with the loving support of family and friends, and particularly that of her husband, whom she often described as her “Rock.” She was proud of their solid marriage, which spanned more than 37 years and was based on a deep friendship.

As we mourn Ann’s passing, we are reminded of two of her favorite scriptures, Revelation 21:4 and Psalm 34:8. A woman firm in her convictions, she did not doubt God’s promise of a time when “death will be no more” and she sincerely wanted all whom she met to likewise “taste and see that Jehovah is good.” Like the words of Job who faced similar trials, she knew that her God was not the cause of suffering, but rather, the cure (Job 14:15).

Until that future day in a perfect earthly paradise, Ann will be remembered for her sincere faith, generous hospitality, and deep love for people, as well as for her warm smile, gracious personality, and playful wit.